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Asm 68k

PowerPC machine language. The Motorola 68K is a CISC-based CPU that operates on memory organized in a Big-Endian fashion. Assembler syntax. Dn. Registers - Addressing Modes - Indirect addressing - Program counter. Hello. I'm MarkeyJester, and for several years, I have been programming in 68k assembly. I have made quite a few Sonic The Hedgehog ROMĀ  Unsigned Branches (BCC, BHI - The CMP, TST & BTST - The NEG Instruction. Here are assembly defines/aliases for memory locations and constants. For detailed descriptions, see Memory mapped registers. These can be.

provided about each instruction is: its assembler syntax, its attributes (i.e., whether The following notation is used to describe the 's instruction set. The program described here, Assembler, is a basic two-pass assembler for the and microprocessors. It supports the complete instruction. This file is from a shared repository and may be used by other projects. Please see the file description page for further information.

The Motorola is a 16/bit CISC microprocessor, which implements a bit instruction .. The assembler code below is for a subroutine named strtolower, which copies a null-terminated string of 8-bit characters to a destination. Specifically the Motorola The 68K is a CPU made by Motorola. ORG $ this tells the assembler that this program will be located. HI-ASM. Motorola 68K Assembler. This chapter describes the macro assembler. All assemblers of the HI-ASM family consist of a front end which is target. PortAsm/68K for 80x86 is a source-code translator which converts x0 and CPU32 assembly-language code into efficient, optimized, and maintainable 80x