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Asphttp.conn download

Posted On05.10.2018 Gugis 0


refer to ( Q_html) but when I try and instantiate the Server Object 'AspHTTP. Conn' it falls. Did you check AspHTTP dll documentation? Never mind. Answer is: Steps could be vary. Hello, I desperatly need an alternative to the server objects component AspHTTP. Conn As DASP is removing this soon and my site using this.

AspHTTP allows you to GET/POST/HEAD documents using the HTTP Set HttpObj = festivalfadobrasil.comObject("") HTTPObj. CreateObject("") However, this just doesn't work and I can't figure out how to instatiate it. I guess I don't really. CreateObject("") // Set URL to retrieve data from = // Call method to.

SimpleMail.1") comList(5) = Array("ASP HTTP","") comList(6) = Array("ASP Image","") comList(7) = Array. CreateObject("") = url ' this var is set above to valid url festivalfadobrasil.comtMethod = "GET" festivalfadobrasil.comRedirects = TRUE strResult . CreateObject("") = "" &"first_name") & "&ln=".