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Database upgrade assistant

Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) provides a graphical user interface to guide you through the upgrade of Oracle Database. DBUA works for CDB and. Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA). Using DBUA to perform your upgrade of a non-CDB? The Complete Checklist for Upgrading to Oracle Database. Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) guides you through the upgrade process and configures your database for the new release. DBUA automates the upgrade .

At the Welcome screen of the Database Upgrade Assistant, make sure the database being upgraded meets the specified conditions. Then, click Next. Upgrading your database involves using Oracle's upgrade tool called the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA). The DBUA is a tool that guides you through all. Make sure the database is started and run the database upgrade assistant. The screen shots below are from a upgrade, but the upgrade is similar.

CHAPTER11 Database Upgrade Assistant The Database Upgrade Assistant ( DBUA) has been an integral part of Oracle upgrades for many years. This tool. I'm going to upgrade one of our main databases with DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistant), and I take some notes to provide a smooth upgrade. 2) Start the Database Upgrade Assistant from ORACLE_HOME/bin by entering the following command at system prompt. $ dbua. 1) When the.