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Bukkitforge tekkit lite

So people have been asking on many threads that is there a way to add bukkit plugins to tekkit lite that runs on forge only, well the answer is. Hello. I'm creating a tekkit lite server with bukkitforge and i want have multi worlds , because all multiworld plugin doesn't works. I tested mod. I'm getting a lot of question on the forum and internet about tekkit lite threads/bukkitforge-getting-bukkit-plugins-on-tekkit-lite/.

I have the following problem, my server runs fine on Tekkit Lite with Bukkitforge. But when I install the version with BukkitForge the. 14 Mar Posts: It's very, very, buggy. If things were that simple we wouldn't be on.5 on tekkit classic and have a tekkit lite on x. Back to top. [Bukkit Forge] Tekkit Lite BUILD # # Closed. enterprise12nx opened this Issue on Mar 18, · 16 comments.

If you want to install Bukkit plugins on your Tekkit Classic server then the latest versions will not Tekkit Toolkit; Tekkit Essentials; Tekkit AntiGriefing Protection; Tekkit Shopping; Tekkit Admin This guide also applies to the Tekkit Lite pack. I know many people have their own preference, but I am growing frustrated with plugins such as WorldGuard and Grief Protection not working.