Mediamonkey gilded skin download

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Mediamonkey gilded skin

screenshot. Skin that was bundled with MMW until v By Morten Submitted by Peke Updated 11/11/ Version History / Details. 1 2 3 4 5. (12 Votes). Surprised to find the the Glided skin had been dropped on reinstalling a fresh copy of MM. No download location anywhere to be found on this. On installing MediaMonkey my skins quit working correctly. Eclipse 3, Glided, G-Monkey_PS, Metro M, ND3_Red, Pulse & Vision.

What I want is what I refer to as the standard MM skin (it's in shades of I downloaded and installed the "Gilded" skin which is far more to my. Vitreous was the skin used in Mediamonkey Lowlander (MediaMonkey Is the Gilded skin available for ? I tried the portable version. A full skin based on the 5th Generation iPod video black. . Fusion is a sleek dark skin that combines the designs of nohitter's Dark Glided Skin

I found that only two skins besides the default would work -- Pulse and These do not work on my computer: 5th Gen Black, favicons, Gilded. On install, the Gilded skin border was a solid black to match the rest of the skin. Now the skin border is blue with some transparancy. How do I. I just installed a visual style for Win XP and I noticed that it has some 'confilcts' with the skins in MM (at least Glided and VistreousBlue).