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Dokuwiki templates

Will use text renderer if installed. You can use loadskin plugin to load with template for specific namespace. Rounded boxes that divide the page in a header, sidebar and main content area. Writer's a customisable designer @fontface dokuwiki template designed for literary purposes. A simple left-hand side bar which retains the look and feel of the original “default” template, which preceded the current “dokuwiki” template. The side bar width. The template can be widely configured via the Configuration Manager or manually edit the dokuwiki>/conf/festivalfadobrasil.com file, including a line like: Configurations - Customize the theme - Available Hooks - Discussion.

Because of the lack of good, modern DokuWiki templates, I plan to convert an existing free template to a DokuWiki template during the Hackfest. The Starter Template is designed to be the starting point of your custom template. It has a lot of inline comments in the code which should explain many things. Namespace Templates. This can be easily achieved with so called “namespace templates”. When a page is created, DokuWiki looks up whether a template file exists and it shows it within the editor window. The templates therefore festivalfadobrasil.com files and should contain wiki markup.

First install nspages and changes plugins and enable HTML embended code ( see htmlok). I use them in sidebar. If not install Flat not work. This Material template is very easy to install and use, whilst offering a multitude of customization options. You can begin by choosing between several color. The easiest way to create a new template is by taking an already existing one as starting point. It's a good idea to use the starter template.