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Winutuxu download

Posted On05.10.2018 Nigor 0


Hi,. No, It's not a Microsoft Product. Either Google it for Information or read about it in these links: Today, I got a copy of Winutuxu, that claimed to be linux. But I doubt it, I believe it is just a hacked windows xp done by a couple of morocco. i'm trying to convert my brother-in-law to switch from windows to linux and apparently he stumbled on WINUTUXU.

Winutuxu It's all Arabic, but if you click on the screenshots you can see a bit what it is. I wander if anyone tested this out, and if it's working well. is winutuxu really winxp sp2 combined with ubuntu? someone told me that it is only standard winxp sp2 with skin of ubuntu. also, i have little. WinutuxU | Windows Duplicity Linux - FREE SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD If anyone is interested to try it, please can download iso file it here: Download Winutuxu.

Does anyone know anything about this OS? I can't seem to find any info on it. WinUtuxU is a combination os of XP + Linux. Base xp but lots of useless applications remove and replaced with open source applications. eg.